Kveller Hits of the Week: March 4 – 8

This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

Why I Won’t Let My Kids Do the Laundry. It’s important to Pamela to raise independent kids, but doing the laundry is the one chore she can’t bring herself to give up.

The Pains of Parenting with Arthritis. E.B.’s arthritis made it extremely painful to hold her newborn baby, but she had limited treatment options since she was committed to breastfeeding.

When Parenting Starts to Feel Like Junior High. When a mom at toddler music class looked Jordana up and down but didn’t return a friendly hello, Jordana was reminded that sometimes, interacting with other moms is a lot like going back to Junior High.

Wearing the Pants for The Big Bang Theory Super Bowl Ad. Mayim Bialik hasn’t worn pants in public in over five years, as she follows Jewish modesty laws. But when asked to wear football pants for a Super Bowl commercial, Mayim had to figure out where her boundaries were.


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