What’s Your Exodus: Breaking Free from “What Ifs,” Too Much Texting & Peppa Pig

As Passover approaches, we asked our readers and writers: What do you need an exodus from? Today we hear from three more Kveller writers as part of our “What’s Your Exodus?” series. 

From Stephanie Kanowitz:

I’m supposed to pick only one thing I’d like to break free from this Passover, but I’m struggling to edit down the list. Not that I have it bad by any stretch of the imagination, but in my dream world there would be:

* No whining by my 4-year-old.

* No temper tantrums involving the rag doll pose or the flinging back of the head onto hard surfaces by my 1-year-old.

* No questioning myself about whether I’m irreparably damaging my child by taking him to the mall while I shop instead of to a concert one time out of 1,000.

* No “Peppa Pig.” Absolutely no “Peppa Pig.”

From Sarah Chen:

I want to break free from begging my toddler to stop gargling his beverages. Milk, water, Shabbat kiddush grape juice . . . I wish he or I could just move on.

From Leora Leeder:

I want freedom from the “What Ifs” and the “Whys,” as in, “What if I had made different choices when I was younger?” and, “Why is my reality so far removed from the life I thought I would have, so different from all the plans I had made in my head?” I want to stop feeling like I need a time machine to correct mistakes, and I want to enjoy every minute of every day, fully in the present with my daughter, without the niggling voice of doubt from the past.

From Rachel Minkowsky:

I want to break free from using texting and Facebook as my mode of communication with the world. I’m married with two children and hold a full-time job, so the Time Formerly Known As Mine is pretty booked. But I need to figure out how to carve a few minutes out of my day to make phone calls. I miss my friends’ voices.

What’s your exodus this year? Let us know by either emailing or tweeting @Kveller with #WhatsYourExodus.

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