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10 Male Celebrities Who Should Be Jewish

I’ve noticed something strange going on in the media lately. There’s always emphasis, it seems, on female celebrities converting to Judaism. Where’s the dudes? Why are there no features in magazines written about men who convert? That’s because there don’t seem to be many cases, which makes me beg the question: Why does it seem women are more apt to convert than men? I definitely don’t like to pull out my Angry Feminist Card if I don’t have to, but what gives?

So, we talked amongst ourselves, and came up with 10 men who should be nice Jewish boys. Maybe they’ll get the hint, eh? (Of course, we would never actually encourage anyone to convert to any religion they don’t want to.)

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1. Weird Al

weird al

He’s a personal favorite, obviously. I mean, how do you not love his parody “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi“? How is he not Jewish already with a name like Yankovic? I mean, he raps about rabbis and has super curly hair.

2. Channing Tatum


Because he loves being a dad, and knows how to appreciate all the hard work his wife puts into motherhood, calling her a “super mom.” We love a guy who loves moms.

3. Jason Biggs

jason biggs

It’s hard not to get all nostalgic about the 90s when we think of Biggs. And there’s always room for a funny guy, especially a funny, nerdy guy. Come on, just look at him.

4. Taye Diggs

taye diggs

Because he follows everyone on Twitter, which is pretty nice and menschy.

5. Stephen Colbert

stephen colbert

How can you not love a guy who’s both funny and intelligent?

6. Tom Hanks 

tom hanks

Because “Forrest Gump.” And mostly every other movie he’s done. He’s kind of the quintessential nice Jewish boy.

7. Bradley Cooper

bradley cooper

I mean, why not?

8. Kit Harrington

kit harrington

He plays Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones,” who is pretty much the menschiest character ever, considering he’s in the Night’s Watch.

9. Bob Ross

bob ross

Sadly, Bob died of cancer in 1995, but how could we not include him on this list? Our minds were blown when we found out he permed his hair. Honestly, we were pretty surprised he wasn’t Jewish.

10. George Takei

george takei

Besides being in “Star Trek,” which automatically makes him the coolest guy ever, Takei is known for being a social activist. Have you checked his Facebook recently?

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