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5 Kid-Friendly Passover Movies You Can Stream Online

It’s that time of year–you know, the one where you try to talk to your kids about Passover, and what Passover is all about. Sometimes, of course, you you need some assistance; in this case, assistance comes in the form of movies and short videos. We rounded up some kid-friendly movies and TV episodes that you can watch with your entire family.

Here are our picks:

1. “Passover at Bubbe’s” (1998) (available on Amazon)

passover at bubbe's

OK, it’s only one star (and honestly, that’s a pretty accurate rating), but it’s definitely amusing to watch bubbe find her haggadah and the entire family is transported to Egypt in order to relive the Passover story.

2. “A Rugrats Passover” (1995) (available on Hulu)


It’s actually pretty awesome, and every kids loves “Rugrats.”

3. “Shalom Sesame: It’s Passover, Grover!” (2011) 

It’s a holiday classic.

4. Mel Brooks’ “The 15 Commandments,” part of “A History of the World, Part I” (1981)

Mel Brooks needs no introduction.

5. “Lambchop’s Chanukah and Shari’s Passover Surprise” (2012)


I’m going to be real with you guys right now: I had a Lambchop quilt that I used until I was basically 12. So, you know, I’m a fan. Sadly, this one can’t be streamed online–but you can buy it on Amazon–and it’s totally worth waiting for.

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