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5 Movies That Are All About Purim (Hint: Natalie Portman Guest Stars in One!)

Purim is just around the corner–meaning that it’s time to start talking about what the holiday actually means with your kid. Yes, it’s a time when they get to dress up in quirky costumes, eat way too much candy (hello lots of crazy energy!), and help you assemble mishloach manot (Purim gift basket) to give to your friends and family.

But it’s a great time where you get to teach your kids about racism, oppression, and why dictatorships are bad–and the importance of standing up for your beliefs. There is no better time to start this conversation than now (considering our political climate is pretty fraught at the moment).

To give you a little fuel for these holiday conversations, and just for fun too, I rounded up some Purim movies for kids and adults. What’s better than putting on something the whole family can enjoy? Or you know, just you. Maybe it’ll help you fall asleep (joking, what is sleep again?!). Check out my picks below:

1. “Shalom Sesame, Be Happy, It’s Purim!” (2010)

Natalie Portman makes a special appearance, which you probably don’t want to miss.

2. “Megillas Lester” (2014)

Megillas Lester is a full-length animated film which tells the fictional story of Doniel Lesterovitch, a boy whose “imagination turns the Purim story upside down”—and inserts himself into the action!

3. “The Book of Esther” (2013)

Look I’ll be real, it only has 4.3 stars on IMDB, but sometimes you need a good laugh/something on in the background to get through the day, and this is as good as any.

4. “One Night with the King” (2006)

The movie focuses on Hadassah’s journey to becoming Queen Esther, who saves the Jewish nation from annihilation at the hands of its arch enemy. Who doesn’t love a good dramatization of Jewish history?

5. “Esther” (1999)

Yet another drama focusing on Esther–again, how she wins over the King and saves the Jewish people. Gotta love that costume design.

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