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5 Products To Make School Lunches Easier This Year

Can you hear the angels singing softly in the distance? It’s the sound of your kids heading back to school any day now. I know I am excited.

But coming back down to earth for a second, there is the reality of back to school and the daily rigors. Like packing lunch.

We know coming up with creative, kid-approved ideas for lunch can be hard. But one way to ease some of the stress is by having the right gear to make lunch packing a bit easier. We all know that lunch these days probably isn’t just a sandwich and juice box, so it’s important to have the right packing materials. Here are some of my favorites:

1. My 4-year-old carb addict prefers eating a hot lunch like pasta, pierogies, or rice with lentils, and so these easy-to-pack, brightly-colored thermoses are life-savers.

2. If by some chance your kid WILL eat a sandwich, how fun are these Munchkin sandwich cutters!? Everything tastes better when it’s cut into a fun shape. This is just science.

3. If your kid likes to nosh a little of a few different things, having a sturdy, easily-washable bento box lunch box is the way to go.

4. Yogurt and fruit? Hummus and carrots? You need one of these cute and convenient two-part snack containers perfect for your kid’s favorite dipping treats.

5. If your freezer is like mine, it may be hard to find a cooler pack when you need one—never mind finding one small enough for a lunch box. These thin cooler packs are perfect sized for lunches and come in multiples.

What do you keep on hand to make lunch-packing easier? Let us know in the comments below.

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