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Mother's Day

5 Ways Your Mother Can Be Your Best Friend

“Mimi is here!” I squeal about my kids’ grandma — my mom — in my best Oprah voice. Because it’s like “You get a car! You get a car!” on-repeat level of excitement.

But honestly, I don’t know who is happier to see Mimi, my kids or me. Probably me, and no, not because I need a shower — even though I do, thanks to my 8-month-old’s terrible reflux and the all-around grunge-factor that goes along with being a mom of two littles. My elation is because motherhood is so much more enjoyable when I have my mom around.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are a few of the many reasons why:

1) It’s far less lonely.
Motherhood can be extremely lonesome. When the only other verbal person you spend most of your days with speaks “Minion” 50 percent of the time — and pretty much the remainder consists of the phrases “no way” and “mine” — things can get a little boring at times. But when Mimi comes, I have someone to chitchat with about important adult current events like why Brittany stays with Jax on Vanderpump Rules, stories from other moms’ from my littles classes, and basically anything non-Wiggles related.

2) Cranky toddlers are far more tolerable when there is someone else to lean on.
When your two-year-old daughter throws a temper tantrum, throwing her little body down on the floor and stamping her feet for no apparent reason, it’s far more tolerable when there is someone else there to share your disappointment in this pint-sized brat. Sometimes you just need that reassuring eye-roll that someone else knows how ridiculous that fit was. When you can exchange looks that say, “I am going to kill your grandbaby,” and she completely gets it, all seems better for a moment. It’s that reassurance that you aren’t completely crazy (yet!) that’s priceless.

3) My mom is actually my best friend at this point in my life.
My mom is the person I turn to in pretty much every situation. Did something really embarrassing in Mommy & Me class? Call mom. Did something I was really proud of? Call mom. If I want to cry, I call mom; if I need a good laugh, I call mom. No one to talk to and I’m bored? You guessed it: I call mom. She is my go-to person to talk about everything and nothing, all at the same time. And the best part? She actually picks up the phone. Most of the time.

4) She doesn’t mind hearing about my kids’ poop.
When you have littles, about 60 % of your day revolves around poop. Whether you are potty-training your toddler or changing your baby’s diaper — there is a shit ton (pun totally intended) of poop talk. My mom is one of the few people on the planet who cares about my daughters’ bowel movements. If you throw in my husband and his mom, there are literally three people in this entire world that will care to talk about the majority of my day with me. Basically, it’s slim pickings for this mama—believe it or not— on who wants to talk to me about my exciting poop-filled-day.

5) I do get a shower.
When I say shower, I don’t just mean the opportunity to actually wash my hair (though I do get to do that too when my mom comes over). I also mean that Mimi showers me and my girls with so much love, fun adventures, and so many kisses. We are all very lucky to have her be such a presence in our lives.

So to all the Grandmas, Mimis, Bubbes, Nanas, Babas, Mammaws, Gigis, Gagas — and whatever else you call these remarkable women — out there on this Mother’s Day: Thank you for loving our children as much as we do. We couldn’t do this whole parenting gig without you, and the love you shower on all of us each day.

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