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6 Last Minute Hanukkah Gifts for Kids

You may be panicking right about now to come up with a gift to get your kid without looking like you forgot that Hanukkah starts tonight. You’re busy and it’s hard to keep up with everything all the time (between dinner and playdates and work and actually being a human). This is why we rounded up some fast and easy gifts you can order online (and don’t necessarily need to come on time or can be virtually sent)!

1. Movie Pass for the movie-loving kids and teens.

For teens and tweens, this one is highly recommended. If they see one movie a month, it basically pays for itself.

2. AMC or Amazon gift card with a handmade certificate for one movie alone with mom or dad minus siblings plus junk food.

Because every kid should be able to veg out to a movie of their choice with some popcorn or Reeses Pieces (or both).

3. An annual membership to a zoo or museum or playground.

Maybe your kid loves art or animals or just being on the playground for hours on end. Indulge it!  Membership to your local art museum? Done.

4. Sponsor an endangered animal. 

You can do this by going to World Wildlife Fund and signing up to sponsor an endangered animal in your child’s name. Print a certificate to show them what you did. You can even frame if you want to get fancy.

5. Name a star for them. How sweet!

Yes, you can actually do this by visiting the Star Registry. This is another one where you can make it official by printing the certificate and framing it.

6. Do a subscription box for all sorts of activities and crafts.

You can choose from a variety, like Kiwi Crate for crafts, FabKids for outfits, KidStir for cooking, Bitsbox for tech and apps, National Geographic for the nature-inclined, and more. Discover a whole slew of subscription boxes for kids here.

Image: Marco Verch

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