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7 Passover Seder Plates That Won’t Break the Bank

Believe it or not, Passover is almost here. This means you’re probably just starting to think about all of the logistics for your seder–and that starts with your seder plate. Maybe you’re in the market for a new one–or maybe you’ve never hosted before. Whatever the case, we got you covered. (If you’ve never hosted before, here’s a quick tutorial on how to set your seder plate.)

We rounded up a variety of seder plates–some kid-friendly, some modern, and some traditional, so there’s something for everyone:

1. Seder plate for your kid, from ModernTribe


Because who doesn’t love things that are cute and child-friendly?

2. Red pomegranate seder plate, from ModernTribe


I’m pretty much a fan of anything pomegranate related–it’s hard not to love this modern interpretation.

3. Handmade ceramic seder plate, from Etsy

seder plate

I love the watercolor and inky effect that these pieces have–it definitely creates an airy atmosphere.

4. Porcelain seder plate, from Etsy


A nature-inspired seder plate set, which is an interesting play on water and rivers. Pretty awesome.

5. Wave seder plate, from ModernTribe


If you’re into modern design with a rustic twist, this seder plate is for you.

6. Paper plates for kids, from Amazon

paper seder plate

Because less clean up. Enough said.

7. Hexagon porcelain seder plate, from Amazon

seder plate

Simple yet elegant–you can’t really go wrong here.

***Bonus for those who want to spend nearly a grand on a seder plate:

Need a four-layer seder plate? Well, now you can have one for a mere $700.00 (NBD, just don’t buy groceries for a month. Or three.) This beauty comes from ModernTribe:

seder plate

Of course, no judgment if you do end up dishing out some cash for this.

The Passover seder is an adventure, not a chore — and Kveller’s new, family-friendly haggadah captures all the excitement, plus explains everything you need to know. Best of all? It’s free! Get it here.

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