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8 Incredible Designers Who Make Jewish Jewelry

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Grace Yagel

When I was little, I remember getting my first Judaica necklace: a tiny gold mezuzah, with the case full of ornate swirls and the scroll slightly visible. I felt so grown-up, and going to an Orthodox kindergarten, I wore it proudly.

For as long as I could remember, there were only a few varieties of Jewish jewelry: mostly just Magen Davids (Jewish Stars) or Chai necklaces and, for those lucky enough whose parents bought it for them, Hebrew nameplate necklaces. During Hanukkah, there were silver or enamel dreidel necklaces. There were mezuzah necklaces like the one I wore, and maybe someone who took a trip to Israel would bring you back a hamsa necklace, but that was really about it.

Nowadays, Jewish jewelry and accessories run the gamut: traditional, modern, playful and bold. We aren’t limited to just Stars of David anymore — although, of course, these and Hebrew nameplates have endured. (They’re classics for a reason!) I think this is because we’re seeing that there are many different ways to express Jewish pride, and Judaica jewelry isn’t just for the observant anymore. With the High Holidays coming up, it’s a perfect time to explore all the variety of Judaica jewelry out there — let’s kick off 5782 with a touch of Jewish pride and glamour! Here are some of my favorite brands that sell unique Jewish jewelry.

1. Ariel Tidhar

If you’re not already a fan of Ariel Tidhar, prepare yourself! Born and raised in Chicago, Tidhar comes from an American-Israeli family and has been interested in design since she was little — and such dedication is evidenced in her work. Using acrylic, beads and glass, she makes small batches of beautiful jewelry: mini watercolor Magen David studs, dangling hamsa earrings and a preview for the fall holidays shows some fun pomegranate-themed jewelry, along with hamsas and Magen Davids in golds, warm reds, and maroons. She also makes Judaica hair accessories and homegoods. Be careful perusing her website, though — you might want everything!

2. Modern Bayit

This brand mixes traditional Judaica with, you guessed it, modern twists. While they sell a variety of home goods with Jewish flair — including some seriously adorable prints in Hebrew and Yiddish, perfect for a nursery! —  their beaded bracelets are the perfect thing to layer for the fall and would make great gifts (I’m already eyeing some for Hanukkah). The bracelets are 14k or 18k gold-filled beads, and are adorned with phrases and words like “Bubbe,” “Oy vey,” “Kvelling” — there’s even a stack that says “Born to kvetch.” They’re the perfect for adding a touch of Jewishness to whatever you’re wearing.

3. The Neshama Project

Entrepreneur and yoga teacher Rachelle Tratt created the Neshama Project to honor her mother, Nicole, who died when she was young. With necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more, there’s something for everyone — including hamsa necklaces and bracelets made with opal and other stones from Israel. Not just a jewelry brand, the Neshama Project supports organizations involved in community work and social justice through donating a portion of their proceeds. Now you can look good and do good at the same time!

4. Beleco

This website sells many different kinds of jewelry, not all of it Judaica. But they have a whole Hebrew collection that is definitely worth checking out: Hebrew name necklaces and bracelets in a variety of fonts and chains, Hebrew phrase necklaces (I love the “Gam Zeh Ya’avor” one, which means “This too shall pass”) and earrings are all offered, in silver, gold-plated or rose gold-plated. Plus, they offer customizations, too. These definitely aren’t the same Hebrew name necklaces you may have grown up with back in the ’80s and ’90s.

5. Binah Jewelry 

This fine jewelry line offers a bunch of traditional Jewish jewelry — hamsas, Magen Davids, chais — but there are modern Jewish pieces, too. The diamond and topaz evil eye necklace is stunning, and if you’re looking for something more traditional, the aptly named Teeny Tiny Chai Necklace (it’s just a quarter-inch!) is perfect, especially as a layering piece. If bracelets are more your speed, there are Magen David and chai bracelets, and even a red string bracelet with a gold hamsa.

6. Laila Tov creations


If you’re into color, this is the brand for you! Rose and Bee are the artists behind Laila Tov, and they make beautiful and creative pieces. They have a new collection for Rosh Hashanah that includes tiny acrylic apple studs, gorgeous hamsas and a necklace that says “Sababa” (Hebrew slang for “great” or “cool”) that I’m truly coveting. If jewelry isn’t your thing, they also make resin mezuzahs that will have everyone taking a second look when they walk through your door.

7. Hamsa Alek 

The name of this shop comes from the Judeo-Arabic phrase “Hamsa alek,” or “hamsa on you” — a wish for good luck and spiritual protection. The jewelry is inspired by Morocco, since the designer, Deborah, grew up in a Jewish French Moroccan home. The hamsa and evil eye feature prominently in these pieces, which range from minimalist to bejeweled, in a variety of designs. The White Druzy Evil Eye Hamsa necklace is stunning, and if you’re looking for something smaller, the Mini Hamsa Love Necklace is perfect for layering.

8. 2jewesses

Sometimes, more is more! When you’re looking to make a statement, why not put on hoops that say “Oy Vey?” This fun brand also features the “Jewess” hoop earrings that are an adaptation of the ones Ilana famously wore on “Broad City.” If you want something a little more subtle, they also have several necklaces and other earrings from which to choose.

Which ones are your favorites?

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