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Jewish baby names

8 Jewish Baby Names Inspired By Gemstones That You’ll Love

What to name your new baby is always an incredibly hard decision–especially if you want something a little different–or if you want it to mean something special. It’s even harder if you don’t want to completely stray away from Jewish names and customs.

So, we made a list of some of our favorite boy and girl names that sparkle and shine. (Of course, don’t forget to check out our baby naming guide while you’re at it.)

Here are our choices:

1. Sapira/Sapir. Sapira means “Sapphire” in Hebrew, and is traditionally a girl’s name. Sapphires are one of the hardest stones in the world–which seems like a good thing to name your daughter after. Sapir is the gender neutral version of the same, which we also love.

2. Ophira. Ophira, a female name, means “Gold” in Hebrew.

3. Golda. If you want to name your baby girl with a name that means “gold,” but don’t like Ophira, you could opt for Golda (after Golda Meir) instead!

4. Pearl. Pearl means exactly it sounds like–its origins are Yiddish. Pearls are rare and special–which is perfect since everyone is different from each other.

5. Penina. Going along with the pearl theme, Penina is another option, which is the Hebrew word for “pearl.” In the biblical Book of Samuel, Penina was one wife of Elkanah, and co-wife to Chana (although hopefully your daughter won’t follow those footsteps).

6. Margalit. Margalit is another Hebrew name that means “pearl” or “gemstone.”

7. Ravid. Ravid, traditionally a boy’s name, means “ornament” or “necklace.”

8. Adi. If you want the female version of Ravid, you can opt for Adi.

Check out our baby name guide for more Jewish names. 

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