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8 Jewish New Baby Gifts That Are Absolutely Brilliant

Buying gifts for your friend’s new baby can be difficult–especially if you don’t want to get all the usual things (like diaper bags, for instance!), or if you want to surprise your bestie with an extra gift for herself. There’s endless lists for all the typical (and necessary) baby shower gifts, but what about cute/funny Jewish ones?

Since there really aren’t many Jewish baby gift roundups or resources, we rounded up some of our favorites below:

1. Star of David pacifier, $13.50


2. Pony Mezuzah, $40

pony horse

And this one:


3. Jewish Baby Onesies – Set of 3, $31.00

baby onesies

4. Oy Vey Earrings, $15


Clearly, these are for the moms, not the babies–because moms deserve gifts too!

5. Jewish Mom Mug, $13


6. Yenta Juice Glass, $16

yenta juice

7. Jewish Wine Glass Set, $35

wine set

8. Tushiez Vase, $28


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