Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Daughter Is Finishing Her Mom's Last Project-And It's So Inspiring – Kveller
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Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Daughter Is Finishing Her Mom’s Last Project-And It’s So Inspiring

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, the beloved children’s writer who passed away earlier this year, made headlines when she wrote a moving, devastating dating profile for her husband shortly before she died of ovarian cancer. Rosenthal was working on a project titled “Project 1,2,3” before her death–which she was unable to finish.

However, it appears her daughter, Paris Rosenthal, is going to finish her final project which is quite interesting: Rosenthal would posted a list of three ideas to Instagram every day at 1:23 p.m., with the intention of doing so for 123 days. Rosenthal created the images herself from collage or used sketches from her notebook: created are mostly collage and drawings in a simple notebook.

Sadly, because of her illness, she announced she would be taking a break from the project on Day 61.

A new 1,2,3 list posted daily at 1:23pm = #project123. Goal is 123 days. Today is day 33.

A post shared by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (@missamykr) on

A new 1,2,3 listed posted daily at 1:23pm = #project123. Today is day four.

A post shared by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (@missamykr) on

A new 1,2,3 list posted daily at 1:23pm = #project123. Goal was 123 days. Today is day 61.

A post shared by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (@missamykr) on

This is where Paris comes in. She announced on Instagram that she is taking over her mom’s project and completing the 123 days. In particular, she will be posting a daily memory of her mother:

Then, last week, Paris wrote an essay for Today about what it was like helping her mom out while she was battling cancer–revealing that she often aided her mom’s projects:

“I helped her solidify which concept to post that day. I helped draw out the ideas when her handwriting failed her. I helped take the photos to post when her energy was limited. I was honored to be mom’s helper, to say the least. I watched the really good days of the project, but I also watched the project come to an end when Amy realized “there are other things I need to be tending to, creating and focusing on with my limited time,” as quoted in her post informing people that the project was ending.

I was able to spend over two months at home with my mom, every single day while she was in hospice. For that unmatchable time with my mother, I am forever grateful. During those weeks, I watched the 1,2,3, process intimately as ideas percolated in Amy’s brain and then turn into beautiful pieces of art on paper.”

Here’s some of Paris’ posts from her own version of the project–which serve as an amazing example (and prompt) for others to remember loved ones by, whether you are early in the stages of grief, as she is, or not. Check them out below:

Many of you know that my Mom had an Instagram project called “Project 1,2,3” where she posted a new 1,2,3 list daily at 1:23pm. Her goal was 123 days. She made it to day 61. For the next 62 days, to complete the 123 days, I will take my own variation on this project of hers. Everyday at 1:23pm, I will post a photo that represents something about Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I will acknowledge AKR in some way everyday for the rest of my life, and this is the first step of my journey in doing so. Today’s post, the first post, represents Amy wearing her favorite button dress, holding a yellow umbrella. It was given as a gift to Amy by Merrill Smith and was made by artist Danny Mansmith. He starts with sticks, then builds up using fabric remnants. A new AKR photo posted daily at 1:23pm= #AKRandPAR, #project123. Goal is 123 days. Today is day 62.

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