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Announcing Kveller’s First Ever Passover Parody Contest

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Design by Grace Yagel

If you’ve been reading Kveller over the years, you know we love a good Jewish holiday parody. Groups like The Maccabeats and Six13 never disappoint when it comes to Jew-ifying our favorite songs for Hanukkah, Purim and Passover.

Yet through the years, we’ve often wondered in our fever dreams: Could we, here at Kveller, make our own Jewish holiday hit? A song so great it could rival with The Maccabeats? (See how that almost rhymes, but doesn’t? This is why we need help.)

As the great Rabbi Hillel once said, “If not now, when?” which is why this year, we’re finally taking matters into our own hands — and enlisting you, dear Kveller readers, to help.

We are hereby presenting the first ever Kveller Passover Parody Lyrics Contest. The winning entry of this prestigious competition will be turned into a song and video performed by one of our favorite Jewish female musicians, Eliana Light —  because we need more ladies in our Jewish parodies!

How can you participate? We’re so glad you asked. Just choose your favorite bop — from a TikTok fave by SZA (her name does kind of rhyme with matzah) to a Haim song to a Barbra Streisand classic (Elijah, can you hear me??). Any song of any genre is fair game, just change up its lyrics to be about Passover (pro-tip: more words rhyme with seder than you might think).

Once you’ve perfected the lyrics, send them in their full Jewish glory — in a Word doc, PDF, or just in the body of an e-mail — to The deadline to submit is March 17, and the winning song and video will be shared in time for Passover. Good luck!

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