Music for Preschoolers – Kveller
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Music for Preschoolers

Let’s Go Coconuts
The Macaroons

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In the cleverly animated video from the Macaroons’ album Let’s Go Coconuts, Billy Bagel moseys through a saloon town. His band of variously-schmeared bagel raiders float behind him as Billy sings about how delicious each bagel tastes.

The concept is a little cannibalistic–just why does Billy want us to eat his relatives?–but the idea of counting bagels by flavors is undeniably, well, appetizing. “Have a baker’s dozen/so there’s one more for your cousin,” sings frontman Dan Saks (who also plays in the Sephardic non-kids band DeLeon). He isn’t just talking about bagels–you’ll want to get your hands on a couple copies of this album, too.

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