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Purim Cards

It’s traditional to send gift packages on Purim called mishloach manot. They’re often filled with candy, hamantaschen, or other sweet treats. Personalize your presents with these unique cards. No two are the same! Chag Purim sameach, a happy Purim!

You’ll Need:

construction paper or card stock (several colors)
ink pad
google eyes
aluminum foil
glue  (craft glue or glue gun)

1. Fold paper into a card.
2. Press thumb into ink and press onto paper.
3. Glue on google eyes.
4. Draw faces, arms and feet.
5. Glue on embellishments: aluminum foil crowns, Haman’s tri-cornered hat, beads for Esther’s gown, or whatever else suits your fancy.
6. Write your message!

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