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At Last, Barbra Streisand Is a Bubbe!

At last, Barbra Streisand is the Jewish bubbe she was born to be. The iconic singer and actress welcomed her first grandbaby, Westlyn Reign Brolin, whose birth was announced on Instagram on Sunday.

In New Yorker profile, Streisand “kvelled” — that’s the New Yorker‘s word, not ours! — saying, “A lot of people don’t want to be known as grandma. I think it’s a privilege.”

How cute is that!?

Streisand married actor James Brolin in 1998. Brolin’s son, Josh (another actor) just had his first child with wife, Kathryn. (Josh has two older children from a previous marriage, Eden Brolin, 24 and Trevor Brolin, 30). During the pregnancy, he told People how Streisand is very invested in the baby name process. (Honestly, who isn’t!?)

Streisand also opened up that she keeps journals, in longhand, “with a soft pencil” because she likes to erase and rewrite. She mainly writes in bed, with her dogs around her, and lots of food. And yes, she talked about her cloned dogs.

Streisand didn’t understand the furor over her cloning her dog. For Streisand, the dog was “like a daughter,” and so when a friend of hers cloned his dog, she “thought, I should do that, because then I’ll have her DNA, at least. Each dog has their own personality, and you can’t clone a soul, obviously.”

She also offers insights on the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, saying, “The killer was mad at the Jews for helping refugees. But the Jews have always done that. And in this country we vet people. We vet immigrants, you know? The lies against all these people are very disturbing to me. It’s why I love the song ‘Lady Liberty,’ and especially that last line, ‘The real danger lies in the sound of silence.'”

Header Image via Barbra Streisand on Instagram

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