Ruth Abusch-Magder and Beza Abebe, Author at Kveller
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Ruth Abusch-Magder and Beza Abebe

Ruth Abusch-Magder is Rabbi-in-Residence at She earned a doctorate by studying domestic Jewish life but also earned her credibility in the motherhood trenches where together with her husband she is raising two kids. Having parented on three continents, she now resides in San Francisco.

Beza Abebe grew up in Hawassa, Ethiopia. In 2009, at the age of 23, she moved to Israel and officially made aliyah in 2014. For the last 10 years, she worked in Jewish philanthropic organizations in Israel that strive for the integration, empowerment, and equality of the Ethiopian Jewish community. Beza holds a Masters in government and diplomacy from IDC Herzliya and a Masters in law from Tel Aviv University. Beza is currently a SJD doctoral student at Golden Gate University in San Francisco specializing in international law.

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