Brace Yourself for "Adon Olam" to the Tune of Pharrell's "Happy" – Kveller
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Brace Yourself for “Adon Olam” to the Tune of Pharrell’s “Happy”

Move over, Maccabeats.

If Pharrell’s “Happy” was the soundtrack to 2014 in your home (as it was in mine), then your kids will love this version of “Adon Olam.” I mean, it’s basically a mash up of the two most catchy songs in history.

Brought to you by Listen Up, a peppy Chicago-based a cappella group, you will NEVER get this one out of your head. The video was uploaded two days ago and already has close to 15,000 hits.

Not only is lead vocalist/mama Shayna Elliott sporting the most adorable baby belly ever, but apparently she’s singing on only one lung(!). She was shot in the chest in Israel in 2001 when a terrorist opened fire on a bus stop, but miraculously survived (read her story here). Elliott is backed up by Freddie Feldman, Eli Nathan Taylor, and Steve Singer.

Check it out:

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