Breastfeeding Moms Got Kicked Out of ‘Bad Moms’ And Everyone Learns What Irony Means – Kveller
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Breastfeeding Moms Got Kicked Out of ‘Bad Moms’ And Everyone Learns What Irony Means

You’d think that moms would (and should!) be safe breastfeeding anywhere, but especially during a movie about motherhood. Well, apparently not, because new moms Brookynn Cahill and Juliana Valverde went to see “Bad Moms” with some of their friends, only to be told that they were bad moms themselves for breastfeeding, of all things.

Apparently, they were part of a group of 50 women from a Facebook group who decided to see the movie and purchase their tickets in advance. When they arrived, they were told babies couldn’t go into the movie. Amber Cebull, one of the women in the group, told

“No one had communicated that children under 6 were not allowed in R-rated movies. We had breast-feeding moms with infants, one 4 weeks and one 7 months, and they refused them entry.”

Instead, they were told to see “Ice Age: Collision Course” instead. According to Scary Mommy, Regal Cinema allows kids ages 6-17 into R-rated movies as long as they are with a parent or guardian, while babies are allowed at R-rated movies as long as the movie starts before 6 p.m. Because the movie started at 7:45 p.m., it was apparently about the time rather than the content.

Cahill went on to say that she thinks the rule is a bit silly, stating:

“I think that they have a right to have their rules for their theater,” she said. “But I think it needs to be a little different with the age limit. Young babies are sleeping and being perfectly fine. If our babies are going to make a noise, we know how to handle this situation.”

Cahill and Valverde went into into “Bad Moms” anyway, but were busted, according to Cahill, stating:

“All day I had anxiety and was so nervous how she was going to be. I was coming up with ways to say I couldn’t make it, but I need to get out. I have to do this and trust that she is going to be an awesome baby.

They made me feel like a terrible person for bringing my child.”

When other members of the group tried to speak with the theater manager, they were only met with resistance. He also apparently insisted Valverde cover up while she breastfed, which is illegal as public breastfeeding is legal Florida, and breastfeeding without covering up is not considered public indecency.

Seems like the movie theater’s priorities are screwed up if this is what they are concerned with.

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