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Call Your Mother Rewind Episode: Contagion With Blima Marcus


Remember the measles outbreak in 2018 to 2019 B.C. — Before Coronavirus?

At the time, misinformation and distrust of the government were significant factors that contributed to the dangerous spread of the highly contagious disease within many of New York’s ultra-Orthodox communities. Back then, in December 2019, our hosts Jordana Horn and Shannon Sarna spoke with Blima Marcus, a nurse practitioner and professor who helped curtail the spread in her community through education and compassion.

In this week’s Call Your Mother Rewind, at a time in which Covid-19 infections are high within some ultra-Orthodox communities, we revisit our conversation with Blima, unpacking how misinformation and the perception of antisemitism remain relevant today. Don’t miss your chance to revisit this powerful conversation!

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