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Carole King Recorded a New Version of ‘One Small Voice’ For This Great Reason

Carole King, iconic musician and singer, recently rerecorded her famous 1982 song “One Small Voice” because of the Women’s Marches that took place around the world. In a piece she wrote for The Huffington Post, King said she wanted a “version without synthesizers,” and that she “had forgotten about the second recording until January 20, 2017.”

King went on to explain why the Women’s Marches were so significant to her–and why she’s making the new version of the song free to all:

“I marched in a snowstorm in Stanley, Idaho (pop. 63) with 29 other people comprising half the town. I carried a handmade sign that said “One Small Voice” because I’ve never stopped believing that one small voice plus millions of other small voices is exactly how we change the world.

I’m making the updated recording of “One Small Voice” available to everyone because it will take the strength and persistence of many small voices to overcome the lies of the loudest voice with our message of truth, dignity, and decency.”

You can listen to the song below, and download it for free here.

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