Daniel Craig Wears His Baby and a Famous British Misogynist Gets Upset – Kveller
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Daniel Craig Wears His Baby and a Famous British Misogynist Gets Upset

There’s a lot of stupid news out there these days. But this may take the cake: Misogynistic British celebrity Piers Morgan — and trust us, his misogyny is well documented — like, he just keeps messing up) — tweeted a photo of Daniel Craig with wholly unnecessary rude comment about his parenting style.

Let’s back up a second: Actor Craig, 50, most famous for playing James Bond, married Jewish actress Rachel Weisz, 48, in 2011. As Weisz began her press tour last spring for the Jewish lesbian drama Disobedience, she announced she was pregnant. They welcomed their baby girl in August.

Craig was recently photographed carrying their two-month-old daughter in a baby carrier. Morgan, for some unknown reason, took it upon himself to comment, “Oh 007… not you as well?!!” He then hashtagged “papoose” and “emasculated Bond.”

First of all: hell to the no. Dads can carry their babies, and it does not make them any less of a man. (In fact, some might say it makes him MORE of a man!) Why is Piers Morgan so insecure about masculinity?

Second of all: He’s not James Bond. He’s a Dad named Daniel Craig. (And a hot dad, at that!)

Morgan’s comments truly suck — but what’s been great is the internet’s reaction. Even Chris Evans, the Captain America actor and ex-boyfriend of Jenny Slate, chimed in, tweeting, “You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child. Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside.” As of this writing, that tweet had been retweeted over 86,000 times.

Other dads started tweeting photos with their babies, using #EmasculatedBond. As Vox pointed out, “what many saw as dad-shaming turned to dad-celebrating as men shared pictures of themselves doing activities like pumping iron with their kids.”


In the face of all these proud papas, Morgan has doubled down. He tweeted, “I just expressed a genuinely held opinion that papooses are emasculating, embarrassing & unnecessary – and the virtue-signalling world’s gone bonkers.” OY.

We don’t think so: We think Daniel Craig is actually helping break down gender norms. Dads care for kids, too!

Please, world, give us more photos of Daniel Craig looking good while carrying his baby. Thanks!

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