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DIY Hanukkah Party Photo Booth

It is almost that time of year… Hanukkah! At my house we are hosting our annual Latke Party. Everyone is required to contribute to the party and we all sit together prepping and mixing the ingredients that make up my delicious latkes. I then spend 90% of the rest of the party acting as fry-master, missing out on a lot of the party itself (but I guess that’s how it goes).

This year, I thought it might be fun to incorporate some different photo options that family and friends might be able to do for themselves to help capture the evening, so that both myself and my daughter can look back in the years to come and remember her first official Latke Party!

Here are 2 different options I am considering for my own gathering that you can incorporate into yours to make it a Hanukkah celebration photo-extravaganza.

1. A DIY photobooth

I know, I know–you are thinking this is much more complicated and you could NEVER do this. But really, it is not THAT hard. You just need a backdrop of some sort. It can be a funky sheet, or a cool paper backdrop, or anything! I like this one off of

You can then get some props (if you like). Here are some I found off of etsy.

Then, you just need to set up your camera on a tripod. It can even be a small point and shoot! Just put it on the self timer option (which actually is possibly the easiest option) and TA-DA! DIY photobooth!

2. Polaroid

I LOVE Polaroids! Yes, it’s the style that make Polaroid cameras. I was just looking on Amazon and it is kind of crazy how the “classic” Polaroids have become so expensive. But, they do have the new style, which I also have, and while the photos are a tad smaller, it still has the same Polaroid effect. Make sure to ask your guests to leave you a little message with their name/date or whatever you like so that you don’t forget years later!

You then should get this AMAZINGLY adorable album that I found via Amazon to store all your new fabulous party photos in. It is specifically made for this type of Polaroid film.

I hope you are inspired to try out one of these ideas. If you have any others I haven’t mentioned please let me know. I’m always looking for fun things to do and ways to incorporate photos into my own personal events.

Happy Hanukkah!

If you’ll be shopping for cameras or photo supplies like Stacey suggests and would also like to support Kveller, consider shopping on Amazon, where Kveller receives a portion of the profits.

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