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Everything You Need for Your 2013 Hanukkah Party

Throwing a Hanukkah party? Well, we have the party favors and gifts you’ll need to have one gelty rager!

1. Hanukkah cookie cutters ($5.39) Break out the rolling pins and sprinkles. These large cookie cutters will make some seriously delicious dreidel and Jewish star-shaped cookies!

2. Elope Menorah Glasses ($9.99) Usually you seem like you’re hiding a black eye or avoiding eye contact when wearing sunglasses inside–but these will be fun to wear around the house and you’ll get great photos of your kids modeling them.

3. Hanukkah Cookies Puzzle ($12.00) With the over-abundance of technology in our lives, it’s nice to kick it a bit “old school” and let kids be kids with a brain-teasing puzzle, like this one from ModernTribe.

4. Modern Stars of David Hanukkah Decorations ($29) These decorations contain 30 blue stars and 20 feet of white ribbon to string around your party room. Ain’t no party like a Hanukkah party!

5. Gelt for Grown-ups by Veruca chocolate ($18) You’ll have the snazziest gelt on the block with these gourmet chocolate coins–and some seriously satisfied parent friends. Sugar high children necessitate sugar high parents, right?

6. Melissa & Doug Chanukah Box of Questions ($9.88) Get the conversation started and share old and new Hanukkah stories with this set of holiday questions.

Remember, for any purchase you make on Amazon or ModernTribe by following these links, Kveller will get a portion of the profits. Think of it as your Hanukkah gift to us. We really, really appreciate it.

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