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FAQ: Everything You Need to Know When Preparing for a Jewish Baby

Whether you’ve got a Jewish bun in the oven, or are just starting to think about growing your family, this is both an extremely thrilling yet terrifying time for you–we probably don’t have to say it, but having a baby is a lot of hard work.

Having a Jewish baby can mean even more hard work when you factor in things like Jewish genetic diseases, pregnancy superstitions, and traditional welcoming ceremonies you may or may not want to host.

We don’t want you losing too much sleep (there will plenty of that once the baby actually comes) so below are some questions to help you along with preparation. Take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea, and put on some relaxing music while you read:

What do I need to know about Jewish genetic diseases?

What if both parents are carriers of a Jewish genetic disease?

What are the most commonly screen Jewish Genetic Diseases?

What are some Sephardic pregnancy customs?

How is a second pregnancy different from the first?

How do you prepare an older child for a sibling?

As a father to be, how to help?

Do Jews throw baby showers?

What are some Jewish alternatives to baby showers?

What is a gender reveal party?

How can I decorate a Jewish nursery?

How do I decide to circumcise my baby?

What to do when only one parent wants to circumcise?

Do I have a Brit Bat?

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