Get Everything You Need to Know About Passover. Here's How. – Kveller
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Get Everything You Need to Know About Passover. Here’s How.

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Even with a pre-festivities nap, keeping your kids alert and engaged during a long seder is a difficult task. And let’s face it, it can be hard for the adults in the room, too.

But fear not: Kveller will get you through this, and that’s why we created the most essential email series to hit your inbox this matzah season.

Our comprehensive guide is designed to get your kids psyched about celebrating Passover, while simultaneously brushing up on seder traditions yourself — who can resist a two-for-one?

Throughout the email series you’ll discover scrumptious Passover-friendly recipes (yes, they’re out there!) and explore kid-friendly Passover traditions. Our goal is to make one of the most important holidays of the year more meaningful for the whole family.

This year, the first seder is the night of Friday, April 19, and the second seder is the following night on Saturday, April 20th — so you have time to rediscover the ins and outs of Israelites infamous exodus from Egypt. While you’re at it, download Kveller’s incredible new free haggadah, expertly created for curious kids (and their grownups).

Sign up for the email series here — we’ll see you in your inbox!

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