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Halloween for Jews

If we’re really going to get into it, the pagan-originated Halloween might not be totally kosher for Jews to celebrate. BUT, if you ask me, any holiday that involves trading all your banana Laffy Taffy’s for fun-sized Snickers bars can only be considered one thing: American.

Lest you really want to deprive your kid of the one day it’s actually okay to take candy from strangers, I’d say go ahead and celebrate the spooky night. If you still want to ensure this kind of  behavior doesn’t lead to devil worshipping, you can even dress your little one up in a Jewish-themed costume, for good measure.

My personal favorite is Torah Boy, seen above, which is pretty self explanatory. And, okay, hilarious. You can purchase it at the same website that also sells Chasid Child, which features a shiny gold coat that is a little harder for me to understand.

Granted this Hamantaschen Costume probably  makes a little more sense to wear at a Purim celebration, I would still be delighted to see one of these delicious cookies strolling the streets with a plastic pumpkin full of chocolate in tow.

Cracked.com’s list of the 20 Costumes That Will Earn You a Halloween Beating features “Super Jew” at #10, which only seems to consist of a Star of David bib and Jesus-like sandals, so maybe I wouldn’t go with that one.

And for all you adults that want to get in on the costume fun, I have a brilliant idea for you. All you need is a handful of foam mattresses, 50 sticks of hot glue, and eight cans of spray paint, and you too can become one of the most classic (and scariest) Jewish figures, the Golem:

golem costume

Happy Halloween!

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