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Hanukkah Contest: My Worst Present Ever

What's inside? The BEST Hanukkah gift ever or the WORST Hanukkah gift ever?

We know it’s happened to you before. You slowly untie the bow, tear the paper, and open the box, only to find the world’s worst Hanukkah gift. Is it a new iron from your loving husband? A hand-knitted sweater vest from Aunt Irene? Or perhaps it’s a childhood memory of the year when you really really really wanted the new Cabbage Patch Kid and instead you got a knockoff baby doll?

Well, Kveller is here to help. We don’t believe in bad gifts–and we want to introduce you to ModernTribe.com, an amazing website for all gifts Hanukkah, funny, Jewish, and adorable. We’re big fans of theirs–such big fans, in fact, that we’ve partnered with them to do a Hanukkah contest and give one lucky Kveller reader a special Hanukkah present. (It’s actually a gift for the whole family–some for the kids, and some for the parents.)

So to save that lucky reader from this year’s not-so-perfect-but-maybe-well-intentioned gifts, we introduce our newest contest: My Worst Present Ever. Simply tell us in the comments section below about your worst Hanukkah present, and we’ll pick a winner. Be sure to enter by Friday, December 16, and your bad Hanukkah present can turn into a great Hanukkah present.

Don’t wait–tell us now!

Your gift includes Hanukkah cookie cutters, Hanukkah window decor, a stainless steel latke server, a Lego Star Wars mezuzah, and Jewish fortune cookies… yum!

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