Hanukkah 'Gelt' Nails Are the Best/Worst Thing I've Seen on Amazon – Kveller
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Hanukkah ‘Gelt’ Nails Are the Best/Worst Thing I’ve Seen on Amazon

Yes, ugly Hanukkah sweaters are a real thing, but did you know that you can get festive Hanukkah nails, too? I didn’t either, until today. Sometimes I just like to Google weird things, and well, it’s kind of the best thing to do during a break. If you need to go all out this year, these nails could be the worst/best thing ever.

Here’s what I found:

1. Gelt Nails, $5

gelt nails

There’s also Hanukkah nail decals, in blue and purple:

2. Blue, $5


3. Purple, $5 


The things on the internet these days, am I right?

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