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Hanukkah Gifts You’ll Want the Grandparents to Buy

So these gifts for kids may range a bit over your desired price point–but, hey, isn’t that what grandparents are for? Share this list with your parents and let them be the ones who spoil them!

1. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set  ($120) For kids 3 and above, these are a great way to learn mathematical spacial relationships & logic while engaging in some creative building. We promise, it’s more fun than it sounds.

2. Mini 3-in-1 Scooter ($114.99) This is the most economically savvy scooter we’ve ever seen. It “grows” with your kid–you can adjust the height and handlebars as he/she gets taller.

3. Giant Noah’s Ark & Animals ($190.69) This set comes stocked with a menagerie of animals and is made entirely of bamboo, which is pretty cool. Never too early to start getting biblical!

4. P’kolino Little Reader Chair ($64.99) Designed for toddlers, the is a sturdy and plush high-density foam seat that your kids will find very comfy and easy to read in. Plus it looks cool, don’t it?

5. Wonder Cleaning Cart ($89.99) Want to make chores seem fun? Gotta start ’em young! This fully-stocked cart includes a broom, a mop, a hand brush, a dust pan, and a storage pouch.

6. Spinster Hanukkah Sweater ($65) If the grandparents are feeling extra generous, it can’t hurt to add this amazing Hanukkah sweater onto the list for yourself. Who can deny a dreidel printed sweater? You’ll be the coolest mom at the Hanukkah party.

**Remember, for any purchase you make on Amazon or ModernTribe by following these links, Kveller will get a portion of the profits. Think of it as your Hanukkah gift to us. We really, really appreciate it.**

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