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Here Are the Many, Many Reactions to Our Lena Dunham Anti-Semitism Post

In case you missed it, our very own Jordana Horn’s piece, “Lena Dunham Equated Jews to Dogs & That’s Not OK,” went viral late last week. After our initial post and a condemnation by the ADL, many other publications picked up the story and ran with it however they pleased. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response both positive and negative, and we wanted to share the many replies from all over the Internet to represent the widest variety of opinions.

Business Insider: People are outraged that Lena Dunham wrote a New Yorker quiz comparing her dog to her Jewish boyfriend

Bustle: Lena Dunham Makes A “Dog Or Jewish Boyfriend?” Quiz & Unsurprisingly Offends Some People

Daily Mail: ‘Is it my dog or my Jewish boyfriend?’ ‘Girls’ star Lena Dunham in anti-Semitism row after comparing her lover and her pet in bizarre article

FOX News: Lena Dunham called anti-Semitic for article titled ‘Dog or Jewish Boyfriend?’

Haaretz: Relax, Lena Dunham isn’t anti-Semitic. She’s just not funny

Inquisitr: Did Lena Dunham Really Compare Jewish Men To ‘Dogs’ In ‘New Yorker’ Essay?

New Republic: Lena Dunham’s Jewish Jokes Aren’t Offensive. They’re Just Stale.

New York Observer: Lena Dunham’s New Yorker Humor Piece: Anti-Semitism or emasculation?

New York Post: Twitter freaks out over Lena Dunham’s ‘anti-Semitic’ New Yorker quiz

People Magazine: Lena Dunham Is Accused of Anti-Semitism for ‘Dog or Jewish Boyfriend’ Article

Salon: Lena Dunham is not an anti-Semite: “Girls” star targeted yet again after controversial New Yorker piece

Slate: An Interview With the Illustrator of Lena Dunham’s “Dog or Jewish Boyfriend”

Time: Lena Dunham’s Not an Anti-Semite, She’s Just Clueless

Times of Israel: Critics howl as Dunham compares Jewish BF to dog and “Why Lena Dunham’s comedic gaffe is so alarming

USA Today: Lena Dunham takes a swing at anti-Semitism: Column

Vanity Fair: She Dunham Wrong

Variety: Lena Dunham, Anti-Semite? That Dog Don’t Hunt

But as they say, “Two Jews, three opinions.” So, what did you think? Were you offended? Did you find it funny? Both? Neither? Tell us in the comments below.

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