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Here’s What to Feed Your Baby This Passover


Babies thrive on routine. Unfortunately, that routine can be broken when you spend time in a kosher for Passover home, because yes, lots of baby food (we’re looking at you, baby oatmeal!) may not be kosher.

Luckily, thanks to the magic of the internet, there’s plenty of kosher for Passover food out there that can ship directly to you, like kosher for Passover baby cereal (yes!) and these kosher for Passover baby fingers. And while many Ashkenazi Jews don’t eat kitniyot (corn, rice and other legumes), many are willing to give their infants a pass.

But if you are more of a DIY person, and love to make your baby food, Passover is also a chance to try some fun, Passover-friendly recipes. Here are a few:

If your baby loves oatmeal, try cauliflower ‘oatmeal’ (there’s no oats in it, though as a warning, cauliflower can get those little ones gassy!) If you’re fine giving your little one kitniyot, consider polenta — like these delicious cheesy polenta sticks.

Have your baby chew on some fluffy Passover popovers. (The rest of the family will like them, too!)

If you’re looking for kosher for Passover alternative to those organic baby puffs, and you’re fine giving your little one kitniyot, you can try these gluten-free green baby puffs.

Use Passover as the perfect excuse to make your own fruit and veggie purees! Here are some fun recipes to start with.

And of course, chicken soup — with or without matzah balls — is always the perfect baby food. You can give your kids some soft veggies from the soup as finger food, or make it into a delicious mush.

Make them a bubbalehs, a delicious kosher for Passover pancake. And there’s always matzah brei, duh!

Make some kosher for passover vegetable patties, like these gluten-free zuchinni fritters 

And of course, you can give baby wet matzah, which they will most probably love! But not too much, lets you worry you’re not making enough diaper changes. (And if that happens, try those fruit purees, above, and plenty of water!)

Happy Passover!



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