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Hillary Clinton Makes History as First Woman Major Presidential Nominee

It’s official, U.S. history has been changed forever, as Hillary Clinton is the country’s first woman presidential nominee ever. Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination last night.

While Associated Press had declared Clinton the presumptive nominee on Monday night, she wanted to wait until after voting was over Tuesday to claim victory–which is now hers. Just before midnight, Obama released a statement confirming the win for Clinton, his first term secretary of state, stating:

“The president congratulated Secretary Clinton for securing the delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic nomination for president. 

Her historic campaign inspired millions and is an extension of her lifelong fight for middle-class families and children. The president thanked Senator Sanders for energizing millions of Americans with his commitment to issues like fighting economic inequality and special interests’ influence on our politics.”

Regardless of whether or not you support Clinton’s politics–or what political party you affiliate with–this win is monumental for women everywhere. Clinton literally broke down a barrier that has never been surpassed before, and that’s not something to take lightly or trivialize. It sends a message to our sons and daughters that a women can be president.

On Tuesday night, at a rally in Brooklyn Clinton thanked her supporters who fought for the rights that led to her historical win–she even thanked her late mother, stating:

“Tonight caps an amazing journey—a long, long journey. We all owe so much to those who came before, and tonight belongs to all of you.

On the very day my mother was born in Chicago, Congress was passing the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. That amendment finally gave women the right to vote. I really wish my mother could be here tonight. I wish she could see her what a wonderful mother Chelsea has become, and could meet our beautiful granddaughter, Charlotte. And, of course, I wish she could see her daughter become the Democratic Party’s nominee.

Thanks to you, we’ve reached a milestone. Tonight’s victory is not about one person. It belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible.”

Watch Clinton’s full speech here:


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