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Is Your Kid Spoiled?

Suri Cruise

Well, the answer to that question might just depend on where you live. According to a new study that surveyed parents spending habits in 36 cities, Manhattan (big shocker!) came in number one. Parents in the Big Apple spend a whopping 90% more than the national average on their kids. And coming in second, just across the East River in Brooklyn, parents spend 67% above the national average (insert joke about Park Slope Food Coop and artisinal jam here).

Nashville, TN came in as the city in the middle representing the exact average amount of money that parents spend on children. (I guess the Grand Ole Opry and the life-sized model of the Parthenon have cheap admission.)

Madison, WI came in last on the list, which is sort of surprising considering that it’s a college town with well-to-do professors who tend to spend money on their children. Other oddities of note is that Minneapolis came in fourth among the big spenders while its sister city right next door, St. Paul, ranked second to last among the cheapskates. What’s up that?

How does your city rate?

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