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Jewish Actress Leslie Grossman Calls Out Anti-Semitic Critics

leslie grossman

Leslie Grossman is fed up with anti-Semites. The American Horror Story star and Jewish mom took to Twitter last night to talk about a troubling trend she’s noticed on social media: When people criticize her on social media, she writes, they make fun of her last name and tell her she should change it. Grossman, she points out, “is a Jewish last name.”

She writes, “I am proud of it. It’s the last name of my great grandfather who came to this country in steerage. Grossman was the name he was given at Ellis Island.” (Although the sentiment is a familiar one for many Jews in the U.S., the idea that names were changed Ellis Island is a myth, according to the New York Public Library.)

Still, Jewish mom didn’t stop there.

“Many Jewish people have felt like they had to change their last names to assimilate. My family chose to never do that. And I never ever would. I am so grateful for everything they sacrificed and am honored to share their name,” she continues.

And then, she ends with a zinger: “When a person tries to diminish me by mocking my last name it disrespects my culture and the long line of survivors I proudly descend from. Also grow up. If you make fun of my last name you are garbage and it’s actually completely anti Semitic and you can kindly fuck right off.”

Anti-Semites, you can kindly fuck right off! Our new favorite insult! Thank you, Leslie Grossman!

In response, her co-star Sarah Paulson responded, “I’m ready to fight. Point me in the right direction.”

Grossman also brought us our favorite celebrity Rosh Hashanah greeting a few weeks ago, tweeting, “Shana Tova to everyone except Donald Trump, his entire administration and every single person who defends him. Hoping 5780 brings health happiness and a new President.”

The actress, who has a daughter with husband John Bronson, is not afraid to be loud and proud about her Jewish identity. She shared a bat mitzvah throwback recently on Instagram:

She is annoyed with the eight nights of Hanukkah:

She celebrates Jewish athletes:

And, perhaps most relatable of all, she used to think that Frankenstein was Jewish. (I mean, if we’re speaking about Jewish last names… Frankenstein. It’s even in “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.”)

But, on a more serious note, we are grateful Leslie Grossman is using her platform to call out anti-Semitism.

She also shared solidarity with other Jews after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, writing, “Good people need to come together and stand against virulent anti semitism and hatred. I want to show my daughter we will stand strong and unafraid, proud to be Jews.”

Amen, Leslie, amen.

Header image of Leslie by Michael Tran/FilmMagic. 

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