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How Jewish Celebrities Celebrated Rosh Hashanah

rosh hashanah celebrities

Jewish celebrities, they’re just like us! They celebrate Rosh Hashanah; they eat apples and honey and challah; they make dad jokes about “shofar so good.”

To keep these good vibes going, we rounded up 26 Jewish celebrities (plus one bonus Celine Dion!) with their Rosh Hashanah celebrations and messages.

1.  Israeli actress Gal Gadot shared an image of her cheers-ing with friends or family. She wrote, “Today is the Rosh Hasahna (Jewish new year) May the new year be filled with special simple moments to cherish -laughter, happiness and good ppl surrounding us❤️🍎🍯💋✌️” (A+ use of emojis, Gal!)

2. Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman joked she is no longer wishing people “Happy Holidays,” she’s only saying “Shana Tova!”

3. Fellow Jewish comedian Billy Eichner rang in the Jewish New Year at Radio City Music Hall, watching Ben Platt perform.

(Beanie Feldstein, Ilana Glazer, Henry Winkler and many other Jewish celebrities were in attendance!)

4. Maisel star Alex Borstein, fresh off her Emmy win, shared an image of her sons as “Shimmy Sham Spidey” and “The Masked Avenger,” wishing her followers “L’Shanah Tovah!”

5. Lena Dunham performed tashlich, a Jewish tradition that symbolizes casting off your sins. She wrote on Instagram, “As I was joyfully letting it all go on a windy Sunday on the Cornish coast, a massive wave hurled itself over the sea wall and onto my head. The group of tweens in the nearby parking lot may have laughed like I got what I deserved, but I laughed because I’d just given away anything that I could be punished for. I’m thankful for this time of reflection. Happy Rosh Hashanah friends 💙”

6. Argentinian Jewish tennis star Diego Schwartzman wished his Twitter followers a sweet new year (with the Jewish star emoji, natch):

7. Singer Regina Spektor wished her followers a sweet and happy new year — filled with love, peace, art, happiness, kindness, and health. (And some apples and honey are awesome, too!)

8. Grown-ish Jewish actress Emily Arlook (she plays a bisexual Jewish college student on the Freeform sitcom) wished a happy new year to everyone who “needs a reason to usher in new energy.”

9. Jewish actress Marlee Matlin shared a message on Twitter using the classic Rosh Hashanah food, pomegranates:

10. Recent bat mitzvah Jenny Mollen shared a shot from her Rosh Hashanah festivities — with a challah on her head!

She also posted a photo of one of her children, writing “l’shana tova everyone!”

11. Man Repeller founder Leandra Cohen wished her followers “Happy 5780” with a piece of lox in her mouth, duh:

12. Fellow #influencer Arielle Charnas shared a photo of her family on Rosh Hashanah morning:

And of her daughters the night before:

13. Jewish actress Mayim Bialik shared her 10 mea culpas for Rosh Hashanah over at JTA. She also posted her Rosh Hashanah baking!

14. Remy Duran, the Mexican Jewish reality star, shared a Rosh Hashanah message on his Instagram:

15. Jewish actor Josh Malina shared a video of him with a shofar with audio of “tekiah” overlaid. (He shared the same thing last year! A classic.) “Wishing you all a shanah tovah umetukah! May you have good health, peace, and joy in 5780!” he wrote.

16. Jewish actress Leslie Grossman wished a happy new year to everyone except Donald Trump, his administration, and anyone who defends him.

17. Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and his wife, Yael (who is great on Instagram!) spent their Rosh Hashanah at Justin Bieber’s wedding. But, Braun tweeted they still found time for services at a local synagogue in South Carolina.

Here they are with the Biebers:

18. British Jewish actor Jason Isaacs (you probably know him as Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series) tweeted Happy New Year to Jews everywhere, and to anyone who likes bagels.

“Remember that time when nobody was trying to kill us? Me neither,” he wrote. “May all of your years be sweet, fruitful and fascist-free.”

19. Jewish celebrity chef Ina Garten shared a recipe for honey cake. Honestly, the Rosh Hashanah content we want from her!!

20. Broad City star Ilana Glazer celebrated with her family and some round challah:


21. Yael Grobglas, the Israeli actress who most recently starred on Jane the Virgin, shared an image of her apples and honey:

22. Comedic husband-and-wife Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero were camping with their daughter in Colorado.

23. CNN anchor Jake Tapper shared a “shofar so good” gif

24. Tapper was retweeting Jewish actor Henry Winkler, who shared a Rosh Hashanah message:

25. As did Jewish comedian and actress Michaela Watkins:

26. Madonna, who practices Kabbalah, wished her followers Happy New Year from her “Madame X” tour:

She also shared a video of her daughter, Mercy James, writing she celebrates the New Year with Mozart:

27. And last but most certainly not least, Celine Dion shared a “Shana Tova announcement:” she’ll be performing in Israel next summer on Tu b’Av! Love!

Images in header: Gal Gadot by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Celine Dion by Alice Chiche/AFP/Getty Images, Mayim Bialik by Presley Ann/WireImage, and Sarah Silverman by Viv Lynch/Flickr.

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