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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Are Strong and Resilient

These Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and Judeo-Italian names exude strength, fortitude and dignity.

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In Jewish tradition, the act of naming is powerful. The Talmud says that parents are bestowed with an element of prophecy when naming their children. In the Torah and other Jewish texts, we see that when people change their name — like Abram to Abraham, or Jacob to Israel — their very identity itself shifts. 

The stories behind the names of Jewish figures in history were always significant, such as Moses (“pulled out,” as he was drawn out from the Nile), and to this day, the implication of a name can be a dealbreaker for many Jewish families. In some Jewish traditions, names were even changed as a way to fool the Angel of Death during an illness. Ashkenazi Jews will often name children after relatives who have passed away, and Sephardic Jews sometimes name children after living relatives as a tribute. Suffice it to say, the Jewish community historically has taken naming as a serious and sacred endeavor. 

As the Jewish people worldwide collectively go through mourning and crises as well as face waves of antisemitism, expecting Jewish parents may be searching for names that express pride, joy and resilience in their identity and history in a meaningful way.

Below are a collection of Jewish names for your baby from Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and Judeo-Italian that exude strength, fortitude and dignity.


Girl names

Adira (Hebrew): “Strength”

Astruga (Ladino/Judeo-Spanish): “Fortune”

Bina (Hebrew): “Understanding, wisdom”

Chaya (Hebrew): “Life”

Ditza (Hebrew): “Cheer”

Efrat (Hebrew): “Honored”

Emunah (Hebrew): “Faith”

Etana (Hebrew): “Strength”

Frieda (Yiddish/German): “Peace”

Malka (Hebrew): “Queen”

Maymona (Ladino/Judeo-Arabic): “Blessed, favored”

Meirav (Hebrew): “Abundant”

Meorah (Hebrew): “From light”

Nechama (Hebrew): “Comfort”

Orovida (Ladino): “Golden life”

Reina (Ladino): “Queen”

Speranza (Judeo-Italian): “Hope”

Tikvah (Hebrew)- “Hope”

Tirzah (Hebrew): “Favorable”


Boy names 

Amitai (Hebrew):  “Truth”

Amram (Hebrew): “Mighty nation”

Ariel (Hebrew): “Lion of God”

Barak (Hebrew): “Lightning”

Elisha (Hebrew): “God will help”

Eitan (Hebrew): “Strength”

Ezra (Hebrew): “Help/helper”

Gabriel (Hebrew): “God is my strength”

Gideon (Hebrew): “Mighty warrior”

Heskel (Yiddish): “God strengthens”

Ido (Hebrew): “To continue”

Maimon (Ladino/Judeo-Arabic): “Blessed, favored”

Menachem (Hebrew): “Comforter”

Paltiel (Hebrew): “God is my deliverance”

Ramiel (Hebrew): “God has thundered”

Sender (Yiddish): “Defender, warrior”

Uri (Hebrew): “My light”

Zalema (Judeo-Catalan/Ladino): “Safe, sound”

Zelig (Yiddish): “the blessed, the soulful”


Unisex names

Amit (Hebrew): “Member of the nation, friend”

Or (Hebrew): “Light”

Dror (Hebrew): “Freedom”

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