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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘C’

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Like the Jackson 5 once succinctly sang: “ABC, easy as one, two, three. Simple as Do Re Mi.”

So, after compiling popular Jewish baby names that begin with the letters “A” and “B,” we’re now onto the last letter of the iconic triumvirate: the letter “C.” And folks, do we have some good options! Perhaps I’m a little biased because my Hebrew name begins with “C” in English and the letter “ח” (Chet) in Hebrew, but there is perhaps nothing more beautiful than giving your baby a name that begins with the very Jewish (and throaty) “Ch!” (But, of course, there are “C” options that don’t begin with Chet if that’s not your style!)

With that in mind, here are our favorite Jewish baby names that begin with the letter “C.”


1. Carmiela— A more feminine version of the name Carmel, Carmelia means “God is my vineyard” in Hebrew.

2. Chava — In the Torah, Chava (or Eve, in English) is the name of the first woman that God created. Fittingly, it means “living” and is derived from the Hebrew word “chai,” which means life. It is also the Hebrew name of this author!

3. Chavazelet — Having a future flower child? Name her Chavazelet! In Hebrew, this name means “lily.”

4. Chamutal — Chamutal would be a great name for a baby girl born in the morning. In Hebrew, this name means “morning dew.” How gorgeous!

5. Chaya/Chayele — If your baby girl is lively, Chaya or Chayele could be an appropriate name for her. In Hebrew, Chaya means “alive,” while Chayele means the same thing in Yiddish. If your family has ties to Hasidic Judaism, this name could honor Chaya Schneerson, wife of Chabad-Lubavitch rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

6. Cherut — If your due date is around Passover, consider naming your daughter Cherut! (In Hebrew, this name means “freedom,” which is a main theme of the holiday.) Cherut will be the perfect addition to your seder.

7. Chulda — Also spelled “Huldah,” “Hulda” or “Chuldah,” this Hebrew name means “to dig.” Giving your child this name could pay homage to the biblical Chulda, who was a prophetess!


8. Carmel/Carmi — Into hiking? The names Carmel or Carmi could be right for your new baby! Meaning “vineyard” or “orchard” in Hebrew, Carmel is also the name of a mountain in northeastern Israel. The mountain is commonly associated with the Prophet Elijah, who is said to have created an altar there. Carmi is also the name of the main character in “The Bear,” and while neither Carmi nor the actor who plays him are Jewish, “The Bear” is a fantastic TV show.

9. Chen — They’re beauty, they’re grace, their name is Chen! In Hebrew, the unisex name Chen means “beauty,” “grace” or “charm.” Alternatively, it can be spelled “Hen,” “Chane” or “Hane.” Perhaps your little baby Hen could have a future in the fashion and beauty world!


10. Caleb/Calev — Calev is the name of a scout sent by Moses into the land of Israel and in Hebrew, the name means “dog.” Perhaps this means with your own little Caleb you should expect to watch a ton of “Paw Patrol.”

11. Carmiel — The masculine version of Carmiela, Carmiel also means “God is my vineyard.”

12. Chaggai — Celebrate good times with your new baby boy, Chaggai! (ICYMI: Chaggai means “celebrate” in Hebrew.) Also spelled “Haggai,” “Hagai,” or “Chagai,” this name is derived from the Torah, as Chaggai was a minor prophet.

13. Chanan — If you like the name Chana, but are having a boy, why not choose the name Chanan? After all, it would be pretty feminist of you to name your son in honor of the mother of Samuel the prophet. In Hebrew it means “compassionate” or “gracious.”

14. Chaviv — Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew, Chaviv could be the perfect name to give a child whom you want to ensure knows just exactly how much he is loved.

15. Chayim — It is a tree of life for those who hold fast to it and all of its supporters are happy! In Hebrew, the name Chayim means “life” – as in Eitz Chayim, the tree of life.

16. Choni — This name means “to have mercy” or “gracious” in Hebrew.

Click here for a full list of Jewish baby names that start with the letter “C.”

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