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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘D’

Jewish Baby Names Letter D

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Want to give your baby a dazzling Jewish name? What about one that is delightful? Or perhaps you’re even looking for an option that’s more delicate?

It sounds like you’re looking for Jewish baby names that start with the letter “D”! Here are all our favorites: 


1. Dafna — Hot take: the lesser-known Dafna is superior to the more common name Daphne! In Hebrew, Dafna means “laurel.” Who doesn’t love a name associated with flora?

2. Dalia — Keeping with the nature theme, Dalia means “branch” in Hebrew. It’s also the name of a kibbutz in northern Israel. Perhaps one day you’ll visit it with your daughter, and it’ll be a beautiful bonding experience. Happy sigh!

3. Dara — Ensure that your daughter will always feel self-confidence by naming her Dara! In Hebrew, this name means “pearl of wisdom.” Basically, by naming your kid Dara you’re letting her know that you’ll always think she’s intelligent and beautiful, and that’s pretty neat if you ask me.

4. Datya — Cue “When You Believe” from the “Prince of Egypt”! In Hebrew, the name Datya means “belief in God.” It can also be spelled “Datia,” “Datiah” or “Datyah.”

5. Diamanta — With this name, your baby will always (in the immortal words of Rihanna) “shine bright like a diamond!” If you hadn’t already guessed, Diamanta means “diamond” in Ladino.

6. Devorah — This next name on the list means “bee” in Hebrew! Naming your baby Devorah could also be a great way to honor the biblical figure Devorah, who was a judge of Israel. Or, at the very least, it might inspire her to one day become a lawyer.

7. Ditza — Ditza is a beautiful name for a perpetually happy baby. Alternatively spelled “Ditzah,” Ditza means “happiness” in Hebrew.

8. Dorit — As Jews, we often say: L’dor v’dor, from generation to generation. With the name Dorit, your child could be the literal embodiment of that sentiment. In Hebrew, Dorit means “generation.” It’s also the name of Jewish Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Dorit Kemsley.



 9. Dekel — Calling all tropical tree-huggers and beach lovers! If that’s you, this could be the baby name for your kid: in Hebrew, Dekel means “palm tree.”

10. Doron — If you’ve had a difficult fertility journey, Doron could be the perfect name for your baby. In Hebrew, Doron means “gift” and it could commemorate the hardships you endured to create your beautiful child.

11. Dror — Meaning “freedom” in Hebrew, Dror is a great baby name option if your due date is around Passover or Yom Ha’atzmaut.



12. Dael — With a name like Dael, your baby boy is destined to be a smarty pants. In Hebrew, this name means “knowledge of God.”

13. Dan — Pronounced like the name “Don,” the Hebrew name Dan means “judgment.” In the Torah, Dan was Isaac and Rebecca’s fifth son. He was also one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

14. Daniel — If you like the name Dan but think of it as more of a nickname, perhaps Daniel is more suitable for your baby! Biblically, Daniel was a wise man of Babylon; The Book of Daniel in the Tanakh tells the story of his life. Daniel is also a great option if you want to pay tribute to Jewish actor and comedian Dan Levy, whose full first name is Daniel!

16. David — In the song “Hallelujah” Leonard Cohen wrote the lyrics, “Now I’ve heard there was a secret chord / That David played, and it pleased the Lord…” But you know what? The name David has a very pleasing sound to it as well, and could be a great name for your son! It could also honor the biblical King David (the guy Leonard Cohen mentions in “Hallelujah”), who is a beloved figure in Jewish tradition.

17. Dov — Is your baby boy as cuddly as a teddy bear? Name him Dov! In Hebrew, this name means “bear.”

18. Dvir — Also spelled “Devir,” Dvir means “sanctuary” in Hebrew.

Click here for a full list of Jewish baby names that start with the letter “D.”

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