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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘M’

There are marvelous options like Miriam, Meitar and Marc!


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Whether it’s through the Ashkenazi tradition or the Sephardic custom, Jews delight in naming new babies after loved ones. And choosing a Jewish baby name that starts with the letter “M” provides plenty of opportunities to name your child after great members of the tribe, past and present. From Torah prophets to TikTok influencers, there’s a marvelous name for just about every family!

Without further ado, here are our favorite Jewish baby names that start with the letter “M.”


1. MalkaYes, queen! In Hebrew, Malka means “queen.” 

2. MayimAlternately spelled as “Mayyim,” this Hebrew name means “water.” It’s also the name of Jewish multihyphenate and “Jeopardy” host Mayim Bialik!

3. MenaComing originally from Ladino and Basque, Mena is a common Sephardic name with various meanings. 

4. MichaelaIs your baby an angel? Name her Michaela! This name is the feminine version of the Hebrew name Michael, who is a biblical angel. Additionally, Michaela means “Who is like God” and is also the name of Jewish Broadway star Micaela Diamond. 

5. Miriam“Hi, my name is Miriam. I’m an Orthodox Jew, and I share what my life is like.” If you’re on TikTok, you may be familiar with this sign-on from notable Jewish influencer Miriam Ezagui! In Hebrew, Miriam means “rising water.” It’s also the name of the biblical prophetess Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron.

6. MitaIn Hebrew, Mita means “family” or “offspring,” making it a natural and beautiful choice for a baby name.



7. MeitarMeitar is like beautiful music to your ears! In Hebrew, Meitar means a “string in a musical instrument.” It can also be spelled as Maytar.

8. MichaDoes anyone else have “Mi Chamocha” stuck in their head? Much like the Hebrew song, Micha means “Who is like God.” Though it’s traditionally a masculine name, in recent history it’s become a more gender neutral option! 

9. MoranWith a baby named Moran, you could be a literal plant mom. In Hebrew, Moran is the name of a viburnum plant.



10. MalkielIn Hebrew, Malkiel means “God is my king.” Think of the prayer Avinu Malkeinu!

11. MarcThough the name Marc (or Mark) originally comes from Latin, there are enough famous Jews with this name to make it Jewish. To name a few, there are Mark Rothko, Marc Chagall, Marc Maron and Mark Zuckerberg!

12. MichaelLike the name Michaela, Michael means “Who is like God.” It’s also the name of “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” star Michael Zegen.

13. MordechaiIf your baby is born around Purim, name him Mordechai! In the Purim story, Mordechai is the uncle and confidant of Queen Esther.

14. Moses/MosheOr, if your baby is born around Passover, name him Moses or Moshe! In Hebrew, Moses means “drawn out of water” and is the name of the prophet who helped free the Israelites from Egypt.

15. MotiThis name is a shortened form of Mordechai, which works on its own as a lovely name. It can also be spelled like Modi, which is the name of Jewish comedian Modi Rosenfeld!

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