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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘T’

All of these options are tov meod — very good!


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In Hebrew school, one of the first words you learn (besides shalom) is tov. Meaning “good,” tov, at least in my experience, was applicable in almost every situation.

“Boker tov,” or “good morning,” I would greet the rabbi during Sunday morning services. “Tov meod,” or “very good,” my teacher would praise me and my classmates when we all turned in our homework. “Mazel tov,” or “good fortune,” I would say upon hearing any exciting news.

The word tov is also super applicable in this situation: describing Jewish baby names that start with the letter “T.”

So, here are some tov meod Jewish baby names that start with the letter “T.”


1. TamarCalling all Sukkot babies! In Hebrew, Tamar means “palm tree” and in the Torah, the lulav is described as a palm branch. Thus, it’s the perfect name if your daughter is due around the Jewish harvest festival.

2. ToibaIf you’re looking for a “T” name for your daughter with Yiddish origins, look no further than Toiba. This name means “dove.” 

3. TovaTova is a really good name. Literally. In Hebrew, Tova means “good.” It can also be spelled as Tovah. A Jewish celebrity with this name is Broadway actress Tovah Feldshuh!

4. TsruyaIn the Torah, Tsruya was the sister of King David. This name can also be spelled as Sruya, Zeruiah or Zeruya.

5. TzviaDo, a deer, a female deer! In Hebrew, this name means “doe” and can be spelled as Tzivia or Tzviah.



6. TobyToby is so much more than just the name of a character on “The Office” and “Fleishman Is In Trouble.” This name is a variation of the Hebrew female name Tova and the Hebrew male name Tobias, but it works for any gender! 

7. TsedefIn Hebrew, this unisex name means “shell.” It’s perfect if your baby is a gentle soul, or you just love “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” 

8. TzufOh, what a sweet name Tzuf is! In Hebrew, Tzuf means “nectar.”



9. TamirExpecting your son to crack six feet when he gets older? Name him Tamir. In Hebrew, Tamir means “tall.” It’s also related to the female name Tamar.

10. TevyeTradition! You’re probably most familiar with the character of Tevye from “Fiddler on the Roof.” But did you know that this Yiddish name means “good”? Jewish actors Topol and Zero Mostel are well known for portraying Tevye the Dairyman. 

11. Tuvia/TobiasIn Hebrew, Tuvia or Tobias means “God is good.”

12. TzefaniahIn the Hebrew Bible, Tzefaniah was one of the minor prophets. This name means “God is hidden” and can alternately be spelled as Tzefanya or Zephaniah.

13. TzviLike the name Tzvia, Tzvi also means “deer.” It can also be spelled as Zvi.


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