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Jewish Mom Jenna Jameson Gets Real About Breastfeeding

Jenna Jameson is not one to hide things. I mean, yes, she is a former porn star, so she’s used to baring all in that way. But we’re talking about how candid she has been about her struggles with alcoholism and the process of her conversion to Judaism, which she did before marrying her Israeli husband, Lior Bitton.

Jenna often professes her love for kosher food and for her religion on social media.

She’s also been sharing her experiences parenting her daughter with Bitton, Batel, who was born in April 2017. Her Instagram account features many images of the cute Batel (whom Jameson affectionately calls Batelli), including a lot of pictures of her breastfeeding with the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding (preach!). 

A recent Instagram post shows Jameson in the shower, nursing her sick daughter. Here she gets especially sincere:

“This is motherhood. It’s not always shiny and perfect like so many instagrammers make us believe. There are days you question your strength and abilities. But then there are HARD days like today that prove your uncompromising power. I haven’t slept for two days and poor Batelli has been vomiting every 40 min like clockwork. We are in this together. So here’s to all of you selfless mamas out there, you make this world go round. #normalizebreastfeeding.”

Thank you, Jenna. We are all in this together. And you know what? At the end of the day, those adorable faces make it all worth it. Check out these cute photos of mom and baby:

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