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Kindergarteners Retell the Passover Story in Ridiculously Cute Video

kids retell passover story

Need a refresher on that whole Passover story in time for this year’s seder? The kindergarten students at Lander-Grinspoon Academy in Northampton, MA have you covered in this crazy cute video released just in time for the holiday.

In the video, well-informed cuties talk us through how the Israelites became slaves and what it was like under Pharaoh’s rule–“Work and work and work” and “Don’t sleep at all” (hmmm…. sounds oddly similar to parenting). They go on to talk about Moses’ trip down the river in a basket, his eventual escape, and of course, the 10 plagues that eventually set the slaves free. But don’t take my word from it–the story is much better directly from the mouth of babes.

Grab your kids and check out the video below:

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