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Kveller Has a Solution for This Exceptionally Stressful Moment

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To put things mildly: Things have been tough. But it’s finally Friday and you could definitely use a break, right?

Good news: This much-needed break is built right into Jewish tradition. It’s called Shabbat and it happens each and every Friday night through Saturday evening.

Shabbat, as you probably know, is best known as the day of rest. But hold up! Do not roll your eyes and stop reading this post! Given everything parents are dealing with these days, Team Kveller totally understands how “rest” might feel like a completely alien concept — especially now.

Get Kveller's beautiful, step-by-step guide to experiencing Shabbat on your own terms. Order The Kveller Shabbat Guide here.

Fortunately, we have a new book that will show you how to make Shabbat work for you and your busy brood. We created The Kveller Shabbat Guide to inspire modern families to find fresh ways to celebrate. It’s a beautifully designed, step-by-step guide to experiencing Shabbat on your own terms, and it includes songs and prayers, as well as detailed-yet-digestible explanations.

The Kveller Shabbat Guide makes Shabbat accessible, meaningful, and completely do-able, no matter how packed your schedule may be. If you need a day of rest now more than ever — and hey, who doesn’t?!? — get your own copy of The Kveller Shabbat Guide right here.

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