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Lance Bass Discusses His Interfaith Marriage to a Jewish Man

I have a small confession to make, and it might make you think less of me. Okay, I’ll say it: Lance Bass was my favorite member of *NSYNC. Yes, my favorite boy band was led by dreamboats like Justin Timberlake and J.C. Chasez, but pre-pubescent me was ALL ABOUT the one who awkwardly stood in the back of every band photo and never said anything in interviews. What can I say? I know how to pick ’em. 

So, when I found out Bass came out as a gay man, my inner 7-year-old was a bit disappointed. Thankfully, the rest of me was mature enough to be happy for him. But still, it sucks to have to cross someone off your “Celebrities I would totally do (Shut up, I was SEVEN)/ marry if the Universe was ever kind enough to give me the chance,” list. Especially someone who has been on it for like 16 years. You know what I mean?

Anyway, my great grammar school tragedy aside, Lance Bass–who is a Southern Baptist–got married to Michael Turchin: a Jewish man. In an interview with Huffington Post, the interfaith couple (who are SUPER cute together) said their differences in faith played little to no role in their decision to marry, because “love isn’t about religion.”

As for potential children, Bass and Turchin agreed they would introduce their children to as many religions as possible and let them make their own choices.

You can watch the interview here. 

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