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Mattel’s New 3D Printer Lets Kids AND Parents Make Their Own Toys

Toys of the future are now here. And it’s pretty darn cool. I’m actually kind of jealous, because you know, back in my day (which wasn’t that long ago, I know), I could only imagine the toys I wanted that didn’t exist (like a dragon-warrior-princess-doll…) Remember all those times you made space ships out of cardboard boxes? Yep, I do. Well, now you can make a real one (sort of real), with Mattel’s new 3D printer.

According to TechCrunch, Mattel just unveiled the “ThingMaker,” which is a $300 3D printer. This new fangled device works with an iOS or Android app to allow kids and adults alike to make custom figures, jewelry…you know, THINGS. Of course, the app does come with some handy-dandy blueprints for figures like dinosaurs, skeletons, and all that other stuff kids like.

And you know Barbie, one of Mattel’s products, will benefit from it as well, because kids will be able to make customizable accessories, from wheelchairs to edgy outfits. The product is designed for kids ages 13 and up, which means two things: 1.) Obviously, you want to keep this away from kids and pets who may swallow small pieces and 2.) You can also play with it. Because, why not?

The app is already available to download so you can start designing fun things, and the ThingMakers themselves are available for preorder on Amazon and expected to ship in the fall.

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