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Mayim Bialik Dishes Some Truths About Passover

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Great news, Kvellers: Mayim Bialik is back with her Jewish holiday video series, “You Know How I Know?” In this latest installment, she breaks down Passover, which starts this year on the evening of Saturday, March 27.

This time, the award-winning actress, Jewish mom, and neuroscientist is definitely not messing around! She’s got the matzah dress, she’s got the Kveller Haggadah, she’s got the SPIRIT, and she’s got a wealth of Jewish knowledge to impart. Basically, Mayim’s ready to get this Passover party started!

In this fun video, Mayim breaks down the many, many rules of Passover; the very, very intricate and very, very long Passover seder; and the very, very cardboard-like qualities of matzah. Of course, she gets some help from our favorite movie and TV characters, including Mean Girls’ Gretchen Wieners and Monica from Friends. And yes, she gets some help from the Kveller Haggadah, too. (Did we mention we have a haggadah?)

Of course, among all this levity, Mayim also reminds us that the Passover story is all about freeing those who are enslaved — from those enslaved by systemic racism to those enslaved by human trafficking — because it is our spiritual duty as Jews. Amen to that!

Check out Mayim’s video, and happy Passover to you and yours!

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