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Mayim, The Maccabeats & The Miracle Match Campaign

As I posted last week, The Yeshiva University Maccabeats have a new Hanukkah video out. In addition, four of my favorite Maccabeats have now formed a new group separate from The Maccabeats called StandFour. They put out an awesome Hanukkah “mash-up” of three popular songs written with Hanukkah-lyrics which I am loving upside down and backwards.

What I wanted to focus on, though, was something I touched on in my post about making the holidays meaningful by giving. And how taking active steps to not “just” make the holidays about the consumerism and the gifts reminds us and shows our children that giving is the true spirit of the holiday season. 

For the second year in a row, I have teamed with The Maccabeats to lend my name to the Miracle Match campaign, where we raise awareness and funds for The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation. (You can also win neat prizes from me and The Big Bang Theory by being part of it–bonus!) Their new video even shows a community coming alive to make Hanukkah shine as they participate in a Gift of Life cheek-swab drive. It’s a really sweet video and song which they wrote specifically for this year’s campaign kick-off.

I first learned about The Gift of Life through meeting a little boy named Ezra who was looking for a match for a primary immune deficiency he inherited for which the only cure is a bone marrow match. I was not Ezra’s match and we never found him a match, but there are thousands of people that need matches. About 70% of the time, if you are someone’s match, it’s not a huge medical procedure involved; it’s like giving blood. The Gift of Life has information on their website and testimonials that will hopefully convince you that saving one life this way indeed is like saving the entire world.

The Maccabeats and I encourage you to watch our video at to find out more, and to see what you (and your kids!) can do to help educate people about the importance and significance of becoming a donor. It’s easy, it’s fast, and even if you can’t be a donor, you can still help by donating any amount to help process cheek-swab kits which are waiting to be processed.

Last year, the Miracle Match campaign raised over $10,000 for each of the nights of Hanukkah. Let’s do it again!

Chag Sameach!

Read more about Ezra, the 3-year-old who originally inspired Mayim to get involved, what 2-year-old Ayelet has taught us, and how easy it is to swab a cheek and save a life.

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