Meet the World's Cutest Kindergarten (Yes, We're Totally Jealous) – Kveller
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Meet the World’s Cutest Kindergarten (Yes, We’re Totally Jealous)

If you think your kid’s school is the best place on earth, you thought wrong. The best school to ever exist on the planet is in Tokyo–it’s like “Lord of the Flies” without the creepy violence. Designed by architect Takaharu Tezuka, this Japanese kindergarten is where 5-year-olds control traffic and eat lunch on the roof.

Tezuka notes that the school has no physical boundaries–the outside and inside are literally wide open spaces that merge together seamlessly, citing the reason is because “children need noise. Children are supposed to be outside.”

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In the video below hosted by TED, he walks us through the design process, adding funny anecdotes about why kids should just be kids, not miniature adults:

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